Monday, December 12, 2011

16. Thrifty Fourteen.

Today I did something that it felt like I hadn't done in ages, I went on a proper thrift hunt (I know I did a bit of thrifting here, but it was very rushed). I decided to reward myself for all the work I've been doing lately and ducked into the local lifeline, and boy did I pick a time to go in! There was so many attractive items there all for a price I didn't mind paying (unfortunately, they didn't look so attractive on me). In the end I settled on 4 items, coming to a total of $14. This is a break down of each item (all photographs are before they have been ironed / washed):

White Lace Tank Top - $4.

I really do love lace (to see lace-featuring fashion I have collected on my tumblr, click here) and have admired similar tops like this for a while., although they had a much heavier price tag. Usually this heavier price tag puts me off purchasing it because I'm still not quite sure how to coordinate it. When I showed my mother, she agreed it was pretty but thought that it deserved to be worn over a cami. While I agree with this, I've yet to figure out a way to wear it over something with taken away from it's overall image (if you have any idea, please, really, please, share it with me!). I'm seriously tempted to wear it alone, or perhaps purchase one of those tube-like tops to wear under it.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is actually made in Australia by a brand called 'Fine Lines'. The only thing I can find through google is a lingerie brand, so I've no idea of what kind of store it is really from. The top itself is a 14 so hangs loose on me (which was something I wanted). It has a beautiful scalloped edge which really appealed to me.

Navy Tank Top - $2.

This tank top is from Portmans. A 'basic' singlet from their online store is priced at $25, so I'm assuming this would be a bit more new. I've often felt I have a lacking zone in my wardrobe - Top wise, I largely wear t-shirts or button up blouses / mens shirts and don't really have any 'dressy' tops - I feel this shirt will help me bridge that gap. This shirt was actually the first item that I picked up, and I was very happy with the fit. It's actually an 'xs', so I was surprised it fit me so comfortably.

While the neckline looks reasonably high (okay, it's no turtle neck but it's definitely no scoop neck), the gaps between the silver are actually see through as demonstrated below, making it a bit more interesting.

Yeah, the colouring in the above (webcam) photograph, I had to have my lamp on me so you could actually see the detail.

Jeans West Dress - $4.

I get a very 'western'(ish) feel from this dress, and was a particular fan of the crochet and the beads (they are, after all, the main centre piece of the dress). As you can see below the dress is quite short, so I may instead wear it tucked in to some pale blue denim shorts or with something underneath. I'm kicking myself for not buying cowboy(ish) boots when the opportunity presented itself, however, I think I'll wear them with the pair of boots also pictured below.

The above boots were from Payless and on sale for $19 earlier this year (or possibly late last year, I can't remember).

Cotton Blazer - $4.

This is easily my favourite purchase of the day. Not only is it a beautiful colour, it's comfy, has cute buttons and shoulder pads! I've already worn it out once over a plain black shirt + skirt (styled to look like a dress). I just adore everything about it!

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