Thursday, August 11, 2011

07. Ayo, I Got A Poncho.

A club I occasionally frequent was having a Mexican themed night which lead me to seeking out my poncho. It was made by my great grandmother and was worn by my mother and later me when I was little.

Sadly I never ended up attending the Mexican night, however, I did develop an outfit for my poncho which has lead me to desiring more. At the moment my plan is to purchase pieces of fabric (or large scarves etc) and cut out a neckhole design to fashion a poncho. The idea sounds fairly simple, and I hope it will turn out alright. I also intend to hem the neck hole (either rounded or v-neck shaped) and possibly add a fringe (maybe with some wooden beads in it?) and a nice button on either side (or press studs on the inside) so I can join the back and front together to make it into sleeves.