Wednesday, December 7, 2011

15. Thrifting Meme.

I copy & pasted this from the tumblr called 'second-handed' and filled it in with my own answers!

1. Why thrift?

Not only was it something I was brought up with (my grandma loves thrifting, although hunts down antiques / knick knacks rather then clothes, my mother is quite similar to this as well), but I'm a bit of a stinge and hate spending unnecessary money. I just cannot comprehend spending crazy amounts of money on items of clothing (as well as other things), when I could get the exact same thing for a lot less either minus the brand name or via thrifting. I wrote a piece on why I enjoy thrifting so much here.

2. Best thrifting experience?

I have a few 'best thrifting experience'. Apart from purchasing FF7 for $8, my other thrifting experiences all relate to shoes. These include the tall boots mentioned in this post, the doc martens mentioned in this post, the white wedge sneakers mentioned here and the greyish oxfords posted here.

3. Worst thrifting experience?

I don't have any crazy bad thrifting experiences, mine are limited to issues with pricing etc, ie. stores charging the same price that you could buy something new for, stores charging a high price for items that are obviously damaged etc when they are particularly suppose to be targeting the price range of those who are less advantaged ( a lot of the stores near me at charity related etc).

4. Craziest thing you’ve ever found?

I'm kind of sad that I haven't found anything crazy. The weirdest thing I've seen was actually something on a shelf a few days ago, it was an upturned lid of a show box filled with various lumps of rocks (and nothing fancy either, these were sandstone / run of the mill rocks you could find anywhere).

5. Favorite thrift find to date?

This is a really, really hard question. If you refer to question two it talks about some of my 'best thrifting experiences' so I would probably have to say one of those finds mentioned there probably fills the category of my 'favourite'. I really don't think I could choose one though.

6. One find you didn’t buy but wish you had?

I'm actually pretty happy to say that there really anything that I think falls into this category. There was a red blazer that I adored a few months ago which is now gone, however, I don't know if I really, really wanted it. I would have brought it, but it came in a three-part set thus was more then I was willing to pay.

7. Favourite places to thrift?

I usually thrift at my local Lifeline, Anglicare or Salvation Army. Since these are chain stores, I love seeing them at different places. However, throw me into any thrift store and I'll enjoy taking a look.

8. Tips for thrifting?

You can see my top favourite thrifting tips here. I think my two biggest tips are keeping an open mind and trying everything on!

9. Currently hoping to find?

Anything cat related or relating to one of my favourite fandoms / bands (ie. Doctor Who, The Amity Affliction). I'd also like to find a few more cardigans / oversized sweaters, however, as it's going into Summer here I don't think I'll be able to do that for a while. I'd also like to find some cute purses etc, particularly brown leather-looking ones.

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