Saturday, July 16, 2011

04. The Find Of 2011.

On Thursday I came home from work to find my mother & sister had actually been shopping at the centre where I work. They eagerly told me that they had looked at Anglicare (thrift store run by a community church like thing) and had come across a pair of Doc Martens. I raced back down to the shops to inspect them, although was slightly doubtful that I would be lucky enough to find they were original Docs.

This store is more expensive then most of the thrift shops I frequent so I rarely go in, plus it tends to cater towards an older generation / sometimes I feel uncomfortable shopping there for some unknown reason. However, I brought these shoes without a second thought because I have been lusting after a pair of black Doc Martens for over a year now but cannot bring myself to depart with over $100 and at only $25, brand new (I'm guessing like worn once, everyone who I've showed them too has agreed).

Sadly, I am not entirely convinced that they are 'proper' Doc Martens, but for simplicities sake am going to refer to them as such. They feature the stamp on the sole of the shoe + inside the shoe which matches up to the online images:

Online image, pre-2003.

Mine are exactly the same, stating they are oil, fat, acid, petrol and alkali resistant + made in England. However, the 'Highlander' written across the side in gold writing made me somewhat suss of them which lead me to the discovery of 'Solovair', which is, from what I understand is somewhat related to Doc Martens through manufacturing etc, etc. I'm going to sit down and do some more research on them later, but at the moment I'm just too pumped about these shoes.

I was also pretty happy about they fact they are steel-capped, although I'm not entirely sure why I found this exciting. If anyone would like to enlighten me to all this kind of stuff then I would be happy to hear.


  1. lucky man, those are some old shool pair of dms
    dont made those anmymore. I hade a pair like 15 years ago

    lucky man

  2. Very rare, even back then. I still wear mine (not on a daily basis anymore though), they're 20 years old and still in good condition. You truly are lucky to find these boots!