Thursday, July 21, 2011

05. Your Name & Nmber.

A few days ago I purchased an 'Address & Telephone' book from Lifeline for 50 cents. It was brand new, although two of the pages were a bit stuck together until I pried it loose. I thought the floral design was adorable, and to be frank, I have always loved address books.

While I adore technology and would be lost without it (especially computers / internet), it always saddens me when people fall out of touch with writing things down, even if just in an address book. You know, what happens when your phone gets stolen / lost / you get a new one these days ? You make a facebook event encouraging everyone to post their numbers on the wall. Things like that have never appealed to me.

This brings me to the idea of e-readers. I am a huge fan of books /reading and have never considered swapping to an e-reader. Even if I was to purchase one, it would probably just mean I would only have books that are hard to find in real life / would only use it for travelling, and since I drive now, it's not that useful.

This is leading me into my next inspiration post, books and related items in fashion. It'll be posted in the next few days!

Edit: You can find my inspiration post here.

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