Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Latex is something that I feel is more associated with fetishes then fashion, but personally I find it quite attractive when combined with other materials. With that said, if you decide to look into it after this post, I must warn you that you are most likely (as in almost guaranteed) going to find at least a few pictures of 'adult' nature. Above is the 'alternative' model "Fae Raven" who has a website here, it's from one of her most recent sets and personally I feel the best. I wasn't too inspired by the others. The below image is from ulorinvex at Deviantart. She has many beautiful latex photographs, some featuring outfits by 'Oh La Latex'.

This adorable piece is from 'Ooh La Latex', an etsy shop specialising in Latex clothing. The designs are beautiful (and also really out of my price range sadly). The next few pieces are also by them.

Kate Moss in a shoot, featuring items from Asuko Kudo ('Couture Latex Design'). The website has a list of 'news' surrounding the brand, including celebrities who have used pieces. Not surprisingly, Lady Gaga has rocked a few of their outfits.

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