Sunday, July 24, 2011

06. Master & Slave.

Now this doesn't even remotely relate to fashion, so I'm not going to pretend this is anything more then a quick rant about relationships. Firstly, I know nothing about this couple in regards to their personal life, only what they choose to reveal on facebook (which in some cases, is quite detailed) so I do not claim to know anything about their private life. Really, all they are is an example of something that always bothers me.

The one thing that really irks me about this status is the sentence "I let you have a night with your friends".... I let you. Really ? So, because you're dating you have complete and total control over where he can and cannot spend his time ? No matter how bad your relationship with someone is, even if you're married, been dating for 50 years or whatever, you do not have the right to control every aspect of someone's life. You do not have the right to the power to 'allow' them to spend their time as you see fit.

I'm certain that there are underlying trust issues and what not related to this, and probably is simply a poor choice of words on the behalf of the poster but... I don't' know, I just felt somewhat enraged. I had a partner like that once, I allowed him to basically run my life, not doing things with my friends unless he approved and after going through that I swore never again.

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