Thursday, July 7, 2011

00. Ground Zero.

While I would absolutely love for my first blog post to be organised, witty and overall charming, I am somewhat doubtful that this will be the case. In fact, I am rather concerned that it will represent some form of 'ground zero' with bits of information strewn everywhere, and in short, generally not making much sense.

For all purposes, you can call me Naru, inspired by the term ' narcissist' (haha, and by 'Ghost Hunt'). While I would not outright call myself one, I do believe that I must have some degree of narcissism lurking beneath my exterior to even consider the creation of a blog (after all, I am going to posting some degree of personal opinion here and am of the assumption that someone, somewhere will take the time to read it). With that sad, I like to think I have a 'healthy' dosage of narcissism, unlike the stereotypes that are often considered when the word is mentioned.

Moving away from that, this blog is a collection of memories, of ideas, beliefs and values that are central to my journey through the rabbit hole that is life. While the topics may range from musical influences (The Amity Affliction, City & Colour, Alexisonfire & Relient K are on the top of my '+' list) to television (did anyone say Doctor Who theories?) to general rants on fashion, stupidity and life in general, they'll all have one thing in common - me.

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