Wednesday, December 28, 2011

REVIEW: Positive Anniepopshop Ring.

Back on December 15th, I posted on my tumblr about discovering the above ring and how I wished to order it. I thought I would do a quick, very positive review of it for anyone else interested in ordering from Anniepopshop. The image above is from their website.

Basic Details.
Items ordered: Gold Serpent Nail Ring.
Date ordered / paid for: Late 15 / 12 / 2011.
Date posted: 19 / 12 / 2011 (apparently it is not posted until the payment is cleared and the payment did not show up as being taken out of my bank account until this date).
Date received: 21 / 12 / 2011.
Postage: Anniepopshop currently only posts to Australia for which she charges $3 for. However, she has provided her email dress so that customers outside Australia can email her in regards to what it would cost to have something shipped to them, and assumedly, work something out. You can read her postage & handling guide here.
Packaging: I received the ring in a small padded postal bag (images below), the ring itself was simply in a small plastic bag within it. The bag was simply placed in my mail box. There was no damage to the bag itself or the contents.
Total cost: $5 for the ring & $3 for shipping, total - $8.

The Ring.

Above is the postage bag I received my ring in. I'm assuming that it is pretty standard unless the jewellery you ordered is particularly large. I was very happy with the postage arrangements and have no issues with them at all. Below is the plastic bag the ring came within.

Now, please excuse my next photos as my camera is no where as good as the one used by Anniepopshop, however, I would like to say the ring looks exactly like it does in the images they posted.

Overall Opinion.
I am incredibly happy with this purchase and have no issues with it what so ever. Based on this experience with Anniepopshop, I have no trouble suggesting them. The shipping was prompt and I received an email informing when it was shipped as the website stated I would. Everything was in good condition and looks exactly like the pictures featured on the website.

I have worn the ring twice now (I always wear it on the finger I am wearing it on in the pictures, as that is the best fit for me) and both times have received compliments on it. At first I was worried that the ring would not be secure and that it would get lost, particularly because the first time I wore it, it was to a club involving alcohol and wild flailing dancing, however, the ring did not even budge.

The ring itself is not adjustable, thus if you have large fingers I would suggest to think carefully before purchasing the ring (and possibly email asking dimensions etc). It fits comfortably on my hands, however, I am quite a small person. An adult woman I spoke to tried it on and had quite larger fingers then me and could not wear it. On another note, the shop owner does not make this jewellery, instead she purchases it and resells it so you cannot ask for a larger make etc.

The ring also only comes in the colour pictured, however, googling 'snake nail ring' revealed various other colours from where you can buy in bulk. There are also far more expensive options to purchase this ring (ie. $160) which you can see here. The rings are different, but the basics are the same.

Overall, this has been a wonderful purchase / transaction. There has been no stress what so ever and I am left entirely happy. If you have any questions feel free to contact me here or through my tumblr ask, here.

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