Friday, December 16, 2011

17. Forget Diamons, Sales Are A Girl's Best Friend.

Now I'm a strong supporter of thrifting, however, this does not mean I completely ignore retail shopping, rather I shop very strategically there -forget diamonds, sales are a girl's best friend! The bag above is from Crossroads and retailed at 49.95. However, for some reason or another everything in the shop (and online) has been reduced to $19.95 or less (even better, as the Crossroads I went to is located in a small local shopping center, nearby clothing stores are having competing sales too). Crossroads is also having a "12 days of Christmas" event, and every day leading to christmas have a different sale, ie. Free shipping online, $10 off all shorts, selected dresses reduced to $9.95 etc.

I picked up the above bag as I have nothing similar and I really love the buckle pouches on the front. I was quite prepared to pay $19.95 for it, however, when I got to the counter I discovered it was only $9.95. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

So, to sum things up: Thrifting is not the only way you can get good deals on items. Also, I'll probably be doing a post about strategically shopping in retail sometime soon. I'm very excited for the after Christmas sales / New Year sales!

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