Monday, December 19, 2011

WARDROBE ESSENTIALS: That Little Black Dress.

It's a saying everyone has heard - ever girl should have their own little, black dress - so let you tell you a bit about mine first.

I thrifted the above dress last year for $4, only to later discover a Supre label to my surprise (I generally find the store unappealing to my personal tastes). To be honest, had I found this dress in the store I probably would not have tried it on, figuring it would look poorly on me, however, something thrifting has taught me is that you can find an amazing wardrobe piece in a shop / label / etc that you wouldn't expect.

Since it's purchase, this little black dress has proven to be invaluable for numerous reasons, including:

  1. It's simple.
    Sometimes simple is better - you don't have to worry about matching colours or patterns, you can just pop on some complimenting shoes and accessories then be off.
  2. Black is a flattering colour.Black is universally accepted as a flattering colour. It doesn't clash with skin tones or hair colours, and tends to disguise shadows that may be cast by lumps / bumps / buldges / whatever that may be cast by your body thus creates a more flattering presentation of your body. Colours are usually associated with words as well (ie. the colour red may be associated with passion, the colour white associated with purity). Black is usually associated with being 'sexy', something particularly useful if you intend to wear your little black dress out to a club or similar event.
  3. There's so many variates.
    There are so many style / cuts / designs / whatever of little, black dresses that you're bound to find one that is not only appealing to you, but also flattering and in your price range.
  4. It's versatile.
    This means you'll have a lot more options to create your coordinate and also means that it's easy to create a new coordinate with it that looks entirely different. For example, my favourite two coordinates with this dress is the above picture  (usually with a necklace of some sort) and the second one is over red tights and large, stompy black boots complete with buckles (The closest example I could think of is Demonia).

    As my dress is also quite tight and short, I also have worn it tucked into a pair of shorts for a more casual look. While it looks like an ordinary plain t-shirt from the front, the back has been replaced with lace.

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