Monday, November 21, 2011

14. Vaguely Victorian!

I went to the shops with my mother to get some groceries this morning and she had to stop at our local thriftstore to donate some items. We had a quick look inside because my mother wanted to buy some photo frames and I picked up these boots for only $10! (In fact, I didn't pay a cent for them because my mother offered to buy them as she was getting my sister something). They're from a brand called 'Pinet' / by 'Verona shoes' (it says both of these inside the shoe, so not quite sure what is what). They have leather uppers.

They strike me as very Victorian looking which is what attracted me to them (plus for some reason I can picture a Witch wearing them, haha). They are a bit scuffed and have some dirty marks on them but I think I'll be able to clean them up a bit. I'm kind of excited to pair them with something, although I'm not entirely sure what. At the moment I think they're either go over some tights or paired with a dress.

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  1. cute shoes! what a great buy!