Wednesday, November 9, 2011

REVIEW: Positive Bodyline Rocking Horse Shoes.

Basic Details:
Date ordered: 3/11/2011.
Date received: 9/11/2011.
Method of shipping: AIR ($1 deal for the month of Nov 1 - 30).
Payment method: Paypal.
Items ordered: Shoes196 in black, size 235. Eye611 & eye132 (eyelashes).
Packaging: The shoes were wrapped separately in tissue paper and had things in the middle to ensure they kept their shape (as you can see in the pictures above). They don't appear to have been damaged via the shipping.
Total cost: $42 (including shipping).

The Eyelashes.
I thought that I would do these first since they're nice and quick. I love fake eyelashes, but have never used them. Instead of purchasing expensive ones and ruining them I figured I would just get some super cheap ones and practice putting them on (they were $1 each).
The last picture is of the little bottle of glue that came with each set of eyelashes. It's pretty small and no idea if it'll actually be useful for gluing, but I can't complain for a dollar. 611 (the ones in the purple and pink box), actually have purple and black lashes, something which didn't click with me when I brought them. I don't think I even own anything purple apart from these eyelashes, so I'm going to use them as a test run before wearing the plain black ones out.

Even if they don't stick very well or whatever, they cost $1 each so it was well worth the money for the practice / experience it will give me.

The Rocking Horse Shoes.
As talked about in this post, I have longed after a pair of Rocking Horse Shoes for a long time. Due to this I was really nervous about these shoes as I was worried I would be let down after such a long time. Thankfully, the opposite happened - I am absolutely overjoyed. I haven't found a single thing to complain about. The first thing I did after squeeling (in my head, I just had 3 wisdom teeth out so I'm not making any noise atm) was try them on straight away. So here's a picture with them on:
I used a variety of size converters online to convert the Japanese size into an Australian size and after getting the same answer off various websites, that's the size I chose. I purchased '235' as it's written on Bodyline which basically means 23.5cm in length. I am an Australian size 6 which is suppose to be equal to the 235, however I was expecting it to not fit very well (especially because my feet are quite broad). They fit like a dream. Not too tight, not too loose.
I don't know why but '3-' was written on the the heel in what seems to be a silver glitter-pen. I have no idea why, however, it is not visible with the shoes on. My guess is that it's some way to make sure that pairs of the same shoes don't get mixed up. You can see the rubber bottoms in the above picture and there were no imperfections with it. It seems to be attached firmly with no rough edges.
Above is a side on view (webcam not camera in this instance). When people were saying the soles were foam I did experience some concern, however, they seem very sturdy. I also feel like most people would not assume that they are foam just from looking at them. My only advice would be to avoid sharp things as they could possibly create dents within the foam (ie. if your friend has spikes on their shoes, I wouldn't knock them together with yours). I think this would be pretty unlikely though.

Now Bodyline says the heels are 7.6cm. I measured them (my boyfriend wanted to know how tall they were) and this appears to be correct. To measure, I laid my ruler along the edge created by the cut out piece of the back.
One odd thing that I did notice when looking up at the shoes is that underneath the 'ribbon' part of the bow on the front is white/cream for some reason. I only noticed it while trying to get certain angles of my shoes in photographs, so I doubt it would be noticeable in real life. If you're bothered so much you could probably just use a black marker to blend the edges. Apart from that the bow seems to have a few stitches in it to attach it to the shoe (these aren't visible unless you start lifting up bits of the bow and looking really closely at it) so I don't think they will come off any time soon (and tbh, if they did I imagine a hot glue gun would be able to fix it to a degree)

The ribbons are removable (yay!) and you can fold the metal hoops that they go through down so they cannot be seen. Since the shoe is such a good fit on me, I don't need the ribbons to keep the shoe on (as far as I can tell). I'm having so many ideas running through my head at the moment as this means that the ribbons are interchangeable. This has given me all sort of ideas including matching my ribbon to my outfits or using bits of chain to create a more 'punk' look. These are just ideas though, and I'll most likely just stick with the black for now.

Overall Opinion.
I am over the moon with these shoes and would absolutely recommend purchasing them if you are on the fence about them (although it should be noted that regardless how good of experience I have had, not everyone may experience the same thing). These are definitely worth the money that I paid for them and I can't wait to wear them. If you have any questions either drop a comment here or at my tumblr ask (anon questioning is on). I am more then happy to take extra photos of them or address any concerns in regards to them.

I was also super pleased that when I wore them downstairs to show my mother / sister, they both not only thought they were very cute, but my sister said "they look like Lolita shoes". She actually wanted to purchase a pair after seeing them for her year 10 formal, however they don't go down to her size sadly.

I've also posted this to egl, so if you wish to ask something there (or just stalk Lolita-related things) then you could do that also.


  1. Woah, i really love this shoes!
    I would buy them to myself but my self-confidence is pretty awful :/
    so i bought this boots ( in owh-owh :)

  2. amazing shoes!!