Thursday, November 17, 2011

INSPIRATION: Oversized Shirt Transformations.

I really love oversized shirts and I wear a lot of them when I'm just going to university. I discovered my love of big shirts because I found I often really liked the designs on male shirts (ie. I found some shirts with 'Watchmen' characters on them that were only available in large mens, however, I just had to have them). While I usually I just pair them with either a pair of tights (particularly 'jeggings') / skinny jeans and cute shoes, I've been thinking of other ways to wear them and in particular, alter a really big shirt I want to wear which you can see here. Due to this, this inspirational post is a bit different as it has a few DIY ideas thrown in!

  • The first idea that that I saw is a video by MissJenFABULOUS on youtube. It's a very simply video that involves cutting the neck off an oversized shirt / sweatshirt in a 'boat-like' fashion so that it can be worn off the shoulder. You can view it here.
  • The second idea is a photographic walkthrough into making a 'tunic' like shirt with very large armholes, found here.
  • Another youtube video here, this time turning an old shirt into a crop top. Put together by SweetBambini.
  • Another DIY youtube video, this time turning shirts into crop tops. You can find it here. The author, Macbarbie07, also has a few ideas on how to wear the crop top after.
While I dislike the above shirt has a whole, this is sort of the style I'm thinking about using for my Oblivion shirt here.

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