Tuesday, November 15, 2011

13. Reconstructed Bead Necklace and Floral Thrift Find.

Keeping up with the revamping of my Grandma's old jewellery from this post, I've decided to reconstruct some of it (to see my 'How to give an old ring new life with nail polish' DIY / tutorial, click here). The piece I did the most work on was this:

Originally I assume it was meant to be a necklace with five matching strings of (fake) pearls. However, one string is entirely missing and the other one has been broken and then knotted to prevent any more beads from escaping. The string was incredibly old and impossible to remove from some of the beads, however, in the end I restrung them and was rewarded with two new necklaces and a bracelet. I also have a handful of small beads left over.

Above is the bracelet, haha. My cat kept getting on my lap when I was trying to take a photograph of it so I decided to let her model it. It's just on elastic which I knotted off to finish it (so no clasps). It's made with the smaller beads making up a majority of it followed by the large feature beads in the center. The next piece of jewellery (below) was a long necklace which I made out of two of the bead strings. Again, it has no clasps. I simply doubled up on the larger beads as you can see:

Piece number three is made out of only one strand of beads and has clasps on the end (I actually couldn't find the corresponding clasps so I just use two of the hooky ones on either end). Basically they all look the same, just at different lengths. I absolutely adore fake pearls (and would adore real ones if I had any, haha).

The shirt in the picture is something I thrifted today for $2. Here are a few pictures below:

Now the shirt is quite big, however, this is what I was after. I recently rediscovered my Oblivion shirt which I adore, however it's an XL and is a tent on me (a very unattractive tent). I would like to cut it up to make it smaller and thus I can feel comfortable about wearing in public. I was inspired by the second shirt I thrifted in this post and am thinking about cutting it like that so it 'ties' in the front. I dont' want to ruin the Oblivion shirt however as I would be unable to get another one (this one was passed onto me from my ex boyfriend) so I brought the above shirt to practice on.

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