Thursday, November 3, 2011

12. Rocking & Rolling.

So today marks a special point in my life today, my first proper online shopping experience. I've never personally brought something fashion related online before (I've gotten my dad to purchase a pair of earrings / a hat for me, but that's it) so I was really excited. I will definitely be posting a review of my goods when they come later on this month (I hope!) Anyway, here's the story:

When I was about 15 I discovered 'Lolita' and instantly fell in love, I was particularly fond of Sweet & Kuro Lolita. However, I had no job at the time and wasn't allowed to shop online / didn't have the confidence to wear the items so instead I would endless obsess over them online and stalk the online communities (in the least creepy sense, haha). A few times I almost brought a few items from Bodyline (a cheaper alternative for Lolita if they're not as concerned with dressing in 'brand' pieces, while some of the items are of questionable quality there has been much improvement over the years, or so I understand).

Yesterday I learnt that Bodyline was having a special - $1 shipping to anywhere, on top of that the Australian dollar is actually worth more then the US dollar atm, so I decided I would have a look. I was pretty devo to discover the shoes were sold out in my size, and in the colour I wanted. However, I ended up purchasing the above shoes in black and two pairs of fake eyelashes (I've never worn them before and these are really cheap so I won't feel bad if I ruin them).

Now, as I mentioned, the shoes weren't my first choice but there were reasonably cheap (the whole transaction cost me $42 Australian) and they were very close to what I wanted, in fact, the only difference is the lacing style. I've decided that if these are comfortable and I can actually work them into my wardrobe, then I may purchase some more.

Although, now that I am thinking of it, the ribbon lacing has got me kind of excited. I am hopping that I will be able to remove the ribbon completely and thus be able to replace it with other things, ie. different colour ribbons, ribbons with embellishments (like studs) or attach dangling things (like chains) to the loops the ribbons should attach to (it looks like the ribbons aren't actually required to hold the shoes on).

So yes, I am very, very exciting! I actually almost didn't purchase them, my boyfriend greatly encouraged me after discovering I had wanted a pair for at least 4 years. I will be posting a review when I receive them, and of course, pictures! Expect an inspiration post regarding them too!

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