Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10. Hello, I'm The Doctor.

This image is of the Eleventh Doctor from the episode 'A Good Man Goes To War' and was taken from a costume index located here. As previously discussed here, I'm intending to attend a Halloween event at a local club as the Eleventh Doctor and while I don't expect it to be identical (as I'm purely thrifting it / doing it on the cheap) I would like it to bear a close resemblance. I realised it would be a lot easier to find a plain blue shirt similar to the picture above then some of his other shirts and this lead me to thrifting the two below:

I couldn't decide which one I preferred so I got both since they were only $1 each. The one I am wearing is (from memory) a XL in mens while the darker one I am holding up is a female one. While the mens is my favourite, it's very long in the sleeves so I'm not sure if that will prove to be annoying or not. I've also had one other person tell me they prefer the mens shirt as well, if you think one is more suitable then the other, feel free to reply to this post giving your opinions or reply to my tumblr post here. Below is two picture of all my bits thrown in together:
I need to find a burgundy (closest description of the colour I think of) bowtie or tie (since I watched a youtube video on how to tie it as a bowtie) and purchase myself a sonic screwdriver. I'm contemplating making myself a fez even though it's not from that episode, I just think it would be more recognisable.

Also yes, I am aware that my blazer is not identical, it did only cost me $4 after all. If I come across a better one I will be purchasing it however this will do for now.

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