Saturday, October 8, 2011

09. Thrifting Onwards to Halloween.

With Halloween this month I've been trying to think of a few costumes to wear to attend my favourite club - Hot Damn, which is having a 'Mega Halloween Party'. To help me think of the perfect costume I made a list of requirements which was as follows:
  1. Has to be inspired by something I personally like.
  2. Something at least reasonably recognisable (being a club I don't think too many people will get it if I turn up in something heaps obscure, not to mention answering "So.... what are you suppose to be?" every five minutes strikes me as annoying).
  3. Inexpensive and something that won't upset me if parts are damaged / stolen / lost.
  4. Something comfortable / suitable for a clubbing location (in other words, massive props are a no-no but looking easy is encouraged).
After looking at this I decided I was left with a few options, my favourite one wearing something Doctor Who inspired - probably something from season 5 / 6 as it would be more recognisable. I also considered going as Ash Ketchum since I own his hat / a home-made version of his overshirt or, if all else fails, a zombie. At the moment I've settled on constructing a (very casual) version of femme Eleven, so here's a picture of him from season 5:

My costume will be comparable to this although I'll also be donning a fez ("I wear a fez now, fezes are cool" is probably one of the first things I think of when I think of Eleven). So yes, I'll be wearing a blazer, button up shirt, bow-tie, fez, boots, suspenders and most likely tiny shorts. Personally I think that Eleven would be a shorts kind of gal, if you know, he was a gal, and since I'll be at a club I don't really want to look overly boyish / be running around in dress pants for the entire night. I'd rather something a bit more 'flirty' purely because of the location. I already have the boots / shorts, and intend to make the fez - unless I can find one somewhere (which is probably unlikely), however I don't own any of the other essentials. This lead me to a very quick thrifting trip at Lifeline after work today. I only purchased two things, and they are as follows:
This blazer is from Table Eight and cost me $2 (marked down from $4). For some reason I thought it was a lighter yet similar colour to Eleven's blazer and thus brought it on for my costume, on returning home I discovered that I have the worse memory ever and was left completely boogled as to how I thought they were similar. However, I did see one of a more suitable colour there today and shall be returning before the end of the week to purchase it (this time I'll make sure I print off reference pictures). I don't usually buy light-coloured clothing (except for white band shirts / white dress shirts) so this is something pretty different for me. I think I may couple it with some of my darker dresses.

The only damage is to the 'fake pockets' which have been slightly torn to make real pockets. This is a blessing in disguise as I hate fake pockets with a passion and intend to unpick them properly.


I am a huge fan of oversized shirts and button up shirts, so I love being able to combine them. This shirt also cost me $2 and I knew from the moment I ran my hands over it on the rack, that I was going to purchase it. I love the colour, texture and the slightly transparent fabric that delicately drapes across my torso. The label reads '1626' which I have never heard off, although it did strike me as a 'size' shop (as it sells size 16 - 26). Google it only revealed the link to 'Autograph' which sells "fashion for the curvy woman" (direct quote), which seems to support my idea. The shirt itself is a size 18 which means it is far, far too big for me. Despite this, I really like it and intend to wear it tucked into a cute skirt or pair of shorts. I actually saw a woman in a similar shirt a few days ago with the shoulders cut out like this. I'm tempted to try it with my shirt but I think I'll practice on some old ones first.

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