Sunday, January 8, 2012

REVIEW: Positive Ebanlan (Ebay) Ring.

Back in December I posted on my tumblr about how I had made my first personal ebay purchase, well, this is my review of the whole process and the item in question. The above pictures are taken from the listing (the item in question is the bronzey / gold ring, not the silver). The ring itself is one which is mass produced overseas and then sold incredibly cheaply on ebay with free shipping by numerous different sellers. This means that even if you do not buy the ring from the same seller I did, it's very, very likely that it will turn out exactly the same.

Basic Details.
Item ordered: "Fashion exquisite Korean charming style retro cute cat ear ring" from ebanlan on ebay.
Date ordered / paid for: 14/12/2011.
Date posted: 15/12/2011.
Date received: 01/01/2012.
Postage: Postage was free and due to this the item took some time to arrive despite being shipped the day after payment. However, the listing said that the item would arrive between a two week period starting from December 31st, the ring came the second day which I was pleased with. Taking into consideration that the postage was free and that I was forewarned of the time period it would arrive, I was not annoyed by delivery delay. The package came from overseas and was delivered to Australia.
Packaging: Came in a small padded postal bag with the ring contained in a plastic bag within (see images below). No damage was sustained.
Total cost: $1 AU for the ring, free shipping.

The Ring.

Haha, yes, that is a Pikachu shirt - my sister got it for me for Christmas (XXS from JayJays). The first two images are taken with my camera, and the others are taken using my webcam as I seem to have misplaced my camera in-between the time I took the first photos and now, when I'm finally writing the review. If desiring some more detailed shots, refer here for images provided by the seller. I can guarentee that the ring I received looks exactly like the ring in these pictures.

The ring is apparently a size 8 (according to the listing) and my only qualm is that if I push it very firmly down to the bottom of the finger that it is pictured on above, it needs a slight twist to pull it off (but nothing major at all).

Overall Opinion.
I'm very happy with this purchase and gave the seller positive feedback. They were upfront and honest in the listing about delivery time and I had no issues with them what so ever. In fact, my sister liked the ring so much that I have brought her one and am currently waiting to receive it.

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